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Self-heating Back Support

Composition:top grade spandex, aluminium strips, knitted tape, Velcro,nanometer self-heating fabric, magnets.

Functions:to treat the lumbar vertebrae hyperosteogeny, to cure the lumbar disc herniation and other lumbar injuries.


Width: 22cm / 30cm

Size      Measurement     Unit

Small        24"-27"       Each

Medium    27"-31"       Each

Large       31"-35"       Each

X-Large    35"-39"       Each

2X-Large   39"-43"      Each

3X-Large   43"-47"      Each

highly supportive; the aluminum strips can shape the body accordingly; extremely effective; convenient to wear, the infrared heating can achieve the magnet therapy.

Middle and senior citizens, white collar and those who engaged in sedentary or prolonged standing works.