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Pneumatics Low Profile Walker

Composition:synthetic high polymer for medical use, composite cloth, metal bands, screws

Functions:1 Stable fracture of ankle. 2 Badly ankle ligament injuries. 3 Achilessehne’s fixation after surgery. 4 Protect the unhealed fracture or tissue after taking off the plaster.


JX-04 Pneumatics Low Profile Walker

Size:  L    45cm(height)         27-29cm(foot length)

       M    42cm(height)         24-27cm(foot length)

       S    39cm(height)         21-24cm(foot length)

Packaging: plastic bags or self-adhesive bags (color boxes are according to customer’s requirements).

1. Convenient for doctor to nurse the skin and wound.

2. Can control the ankle’s activity scope effectively.

3. Can replace the plaster, light weight and presentable.