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Adjustable post Op Knee Brace

Composition:Nylon, angle adjustable lock ,alloy frame, spongy

Functions:1. The knee brace can ease the knee ligament pain effectivly. 2. To relieve knee injuries. 3. To fix the fractured knee effectively. 4. To correct the skeletal type.


1. Bilateral hinge help more stable knee ligament, especially for OA patients.

2. Manufactured by light and durable materials treated with carbon graphite.

3. 4-way leverage keep ideal knee's stabilization in motioning.

4. Right & Left device provides extreme knees fitting to protect/relieve ACL/PCL. problems.


1. Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures.

2. Partial ruptures and elongations of the PCL.

Packaging: plastic bags or self-adhesive bags (color boxes are according to customer’s requirements).